Sewer systems are vital for any neighborhood as they help to direct effluent to the treatment plant as well as preventing the exposure of parasites and vermin to the occupants. When they are working efficiently, you are assured of no back flows in your kitchen and your bathroom. Sewer systems are known to be extravagant especially when it comes to repairs and replacement.

The cost of labor, the cost of equipment, cost of relocating and re-landscaping must be incurred especially when you engage traditional methods that require a lot of guess work and digging. Trenchless technology has become very popular over the years and it utilizes advanced techniques not only to repair but to make replacements to your old sewer line.

What does this mean? No digging will be done and no guess work will be used to locate where a problem is present in the sewer line. Trenchless repairs or replacements are completed within a matter of hours or within a single day depending on the complexity of the job.

Why you should use trenchless technology?


When you opt for traditional methods of identifying problems within the sewer line, you will see your yard being dug, different holes will be present, your expensive grass will have been damaged and now your home surrounding looks like a construction zone.
This leads to many interruptions and it is quite inconvenient as it will lead to the dirt finding its way into your home especially if you have pets and children. When you opt for trenchless repair and replacement, you will not experience any interruption.
The workers will come with the equipment like excavators that will be able to make a small opening in the ground to allow for the trenchless system to have access to the sewer line. Since no mess will be present, this is convenient for you. The materials used to make repairs or replacement to your sewer line last 50 years or more.

Cost effective to the home owner

Consider this, how much did it cost you to have the landscape done around your yard? When it comes to calculating costs, you not only consider the monetary value spent but you consider the time and the beauty it has created.
Hiring experts who use guess work and digging in order to find a problem will cost you more as you have to relocate plants, replant them, replant the yard with new grass and fill up the holes. The trenchless method is cost effective as you don’t have to disrupt the neighborhood or destroy the current features present on the site.
Work will be done and the workers will exit leaving the area looking the same as it were before but with an improved feature under the ground.

Cost effective to the community

When a sewer line crosses the road beneath it, inspection and repairs will have to be carried out when the time comes. Just like the sewer lines that pass beneath the lawn, pressure from above as well as from tree roots leads to cracking and blockage.
When this happens, the effluent will flow on the street resulting to a foul smell spreading through the neighborhood. Trenchless technology can be used to identify the problem quickly, make the repairs or replacement to the existing pipe leaving the system working better than before.
For the community, they will not have to be redirected to use other roads or be inconvenienced in any other way especially with dirt. This makes the technology very cost effective to the community as their property will stay intact and no inconvenience will be present.

Generates measurable digital data

In order to find out where a problem is within a sewer line, trenchless technology adopts the user of video inspection system. The system is composed of a fiber optic camera and a video monitor. The fiber optic camera is inserted on one end and passes through the line. During this time, it will be relaying real time video footage to a screen being monitored above ground.
The fiber optic camera provides clear and crisp video footage which allows the experts to pinpoint exactly where the problem is. Furthermore, the digital data collected can be used by the experts at the site to investigate and find out if there are any other problems present in the sewer line. This will allow them to make all repairs and replacement saving the home owner and the community from future disasters.

Final Thoughts

It is important to adopt trenchless technology especially when it comes to repairs ad replacement to your old sewer line. It is non intrusive, cost effective to the home owner, cost effective to the community, provides measurable digital data and it’s convenient.