Once you have purchased your car or truck, the next assignment is to take care of it. You have to take the initiative of ensuring it is in the best shape possible every day. This means you will have to incur some repair and maintenance costs. Obviously, you have to be prepared for that.

Getting the best automotive windscreen repair and maintenance services might turn out to be a daunting process. It becomes worse when you have no professional to render these services. Consequently, you will have a hard time trying to have your windscreen repaired or even replaced. Fortunately, you can avoid that stressful hustle for windscreen repair and replacement services. If you are a resident of Newman, Kalgoorlie, Perth, and Western Australia no need to worry. We are ever ready and willing to give you the best windscreen repair and replacement services. Our services are up to the required standard to ensure you get value for your money. As a result, we have attracted a lot of loyal customers in Australia. You can also be part of the community we serve. Simply check out our reliable services.

There are many reasons as to why motor vehicle owners really trust us. Below are some of the genuine reasons as to why you need to approach us:


We understand the plight that motor vehicle owners go through. They really undergo a hard time trying to put their cars or trucks in the right shape. This is a practice that needs a reasonable amount of funds. It is only fair if they find the right repair and maintenance services. This is what we are really committed to. Ensuring that all our customers are served in the best way possible. Our commitment is to ensure that customers get the best windscreens that will be in use for a substantial duration. This commitment has seen us attract a considerable number of customers in Australia. We are still glued to this course.

Wide variety of services

Customers have different tastes and preferences. Some want their windscreens repaired, others replaced while others need window tinting. It is our mandate to make sure that motor owners are served in the best way possible. However, safety being our main concern, we will always pick the best option for you. We only provide repairs and tinting following the Australian regulations.

In case you are in need of any machinery and automotive glazing then we are always at your services. Our different automotive services are of high quality. This is because we want our customers to find value for their money. This determination has seen us bring on board experienced staff to provide these windscreen services. Be sure that you will be served in a fine fashion.


Honestly speaking, we have been in this business for quite a long time. We understand the challenges faced in the automotive industry. Over the years we have dealt with various difficult problems. In one way or the other, we have been able to provide the needed services. If your windscreen needs to be repaired we are ready to do so. Our experts are well trained to provide excellent services. They are trained in windscreen tinting, repair, and replacement. If you are still in dilemma on whether to repair or replace your windscreen, feel free to visit us. We will surely advise you accordingly. In no time you will make the right choice.

Safety first

Our main concern is to ensure that motor vehicle users are safe. This is why we have invested heavily in providing motor repair and maintenance services. We understand that a cracked windscreen is dangerous. This is why we render the best windscreen repair and replacement services. We are dedicated to having your windscreen taken care of well. In fact, we are popular in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Newman and Western Australia. Our quality services have earned as this positive popularity. We are a company that you can trust.


Once you have a cracked windscreen, you will be torn between having it repaired or replaced. This is a dilemma that most car owners face. It is important to seek the right advice. This is only possible when you have a professional around you. This is where we come in. We have been in this business for quite a long time. You can trust us anyway. We will serve you in the best way possible. Feel free and contact us.