For civilians looking for self-defense options, combat knives are great, practical choices. There many types of combat knives that are legalized for civilian use, including the boot knife, fixed blade knife, and cleaver style combat knife. With proper training, these military-style knives can be effectively used in critical and emergency situations to neutralize an aggressor or target.

Factors to Consider

A knife that is intended for use in self-defense must be lightweight enough so that the person can easily maneuver it.

However, versatility should not come at the expense of durability. If you are looking at smaller or lighter options, look for civilian combat knives that are coated with rust- and damage-resistant finishes.

Look for knives that come with good quality leather, polyester, or nylon sheath that provides cover, care, and safe concealment. Make sure you maintain and clean your combat knife, or it may not be very useful in combat or emergencies.

Off-Grid Knives (OG-950) Cleaver Flipper Knife

This cleaver style combat knife for sale comes at an affordable price, is spring-assisted, ergonomic, lightweight, and comes with a textured handle to prevent your hands from slipping. As a spring-assisted knife, it can be deployed very quickly, and its large, cleaver style blade is very imposing to an attacker.

Ontario Knife ONSP1-BRK Marine Combat

This combat knife is made of carbon steel, which does not need to be sharpened as often, does not rust easily, and is guaranteed to be very durable. Although it features a very thick blade, it remains very lightweight at 10 ounces. This knife comes with a leather sheath and a grooved handle for an enhanced grip.

Ka-Bar 1281 D2 Extreme

This model features D2 steel that requires very little maintenance and comes with a lifetime warranty. The blade features a clip point and a comfortable, powdered metal handle. However, when it does require sharpening, a normal whetstone may not provide adequate care. A diamond or ceramic stone will provide faster and easier sharpening.

Combat Ready C.U.M.A. Battle Cleaver

Those looking for a bargain option should consider this cleaver style combat knife. Although inexpensive, the blade is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the handle is durable.

Tactical Pen

This “knife” or pen is made of tungsten-alloy, making it great for emergency situations which require you to break a reinforced window or defend yourself against an aggressor. It is a military-grade product that is legal for civilian use. This pen will certainly provide you with peace of mind—plus, you can write with it!