It may be a daunting process to hire a criminal lawyer in Kitchener for the first time, however by reviewing these ten elements it will ensure one makes the most educated decision in choosing a competent criminal lawyer who suites their unique needs and requests.

1) What is the criminal lawyer’s experience level? Experience is everything when the verdict of a case can ride on very small but substantial details of a criminal charge, and an experienced criminal lawyer will notice these crucial elements and technicalities. Moreover, it will serve the best interests of the client if the criminal lawyer is highly experienced within the specific criminal charge (e.g. assault, theft, DUI etc.).

2) Affordability is another critical aspect to take into consideration before funding a criminal lawyer in Kitchener. A good first step is to determine a budget that will ensure one can afford the criminal defense while also being able to afford periodic living expenses as well. Also be aware of the lawyer’s unique fee schedule of choice.

3) Does the criminal lawyer hold in-depth trial experience or settlement experience or both? Sometimes a trial is inevitable, therefore a lawyer who has decent trial experience and positive success rates is preferred for most criminally charged clients.

4) How much time will the criminal lawyer in Kitchener set aside for your specific case? If a lawyer fails to keep you informed and supported throughout this often emotional and tiresome process, then you should find a new lawyer.

5) Flexibility is another important element that is required for successful criminal lawyers. A flexible lawyer will be able to meet your unique needs, offer multiple methods of contact (e.g. email, phone, skype etc.) while also being available 24/7 for your piece of mind.

6) Reliability builds creditability. A credible criminal lawyer who is trustworthy and has your best interests at heart can be measured. For instance, relying on positive reviews online or in person from previous clients will ensure the lawyer’s creditability is in check.

7) Is the consultation free or for a fee and what is the lawyer’s quality of service. Typically, a consultation fee will be apparent to compliment a high quality service from a criminal lawyer in Kitchener, however if a lawyer demands a fee for the initial meeting with poor legal service from past clients then one should find a different lawyer.

8) How long has the lawyer been practising law? Do not be mistaken between youthful enthusiasm and tenure. A tenured lawyer will be one who exhibits a strong degree of effectiveness and critical judgement that a youthful lawyer may fail upon.

9) Does the lawyer’s personality correlate to your own? Finding a criminal lawyer in Kitchener that you can connect with on a personal and emotional level will ensure a clearer vision for your case and additional support from the lawyer during these difficult times.

10) How much support does the lawyer have? For example, does the lawyer have multiple associates or articling students to assist in the lawyer’s caseload? If a lawyer lacks legal support it may lead to faster burnout, which is a bad sign for the criminal defense’s performance while in trial. Overall, by abiding by the ten guidelines it will ensure you hire the right criminal lawyer in Kitchener that best meets your unique legal needs.

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