Video Monitoring


Video monitoring in Davenport is a great security approach for any property, including your residence. If you own a business, you may already have video surveillance installed in and around your property to discourage and prevent crime. While a video surveillance system is essential for running a safe, secure business, it’s also a foundation for keeping your home safe.

Installing a video surveillance system is the simplest option for keeping your home secure. With today’s technology you can tap into your video feed from anywhere, so you’ll always know what’s going on at your residence.
The following are nine benefits to installing a video surveillance system in your home.

1. Video monitoring in Davenport augments your existing home security system.

You may have already installed a home security system at your residence to monitor all types of things from notifying you when someone opens a door or window to alerting the police of a break-in. A video surveillance system can record the actual events in and around your house, acting as a second layer of information.

2. With video surveillance you can monitor your home anytime, anywhere.

Today you can use your smartphone to watch the activity that’s happening in and around your house by sending the video feed right to your phone, along with security alerts.

3. Video monitoring in Davenport can save you money.

One of the top five ways to reduce your homeowner insurance premiums is to make your home safer. By installing a video surveillance system, you’re taking a step towards making your place of residence safer and more secure.

4. Video surveillance systems are simple to operate.

It’s important to use technologies that work for you and your lifestyle. Video surveillance can be a great “set-it-and-forget-it” security system for busy people. Once installed, you’ll only be responsible for knowing how to use the software on your computer or smartphone where you can see the video feed.

5. Video recordings are the best source of evidence for court cases.

One of the main reasons homeowners install a video surveillance system is to prevent and deter crime. If a crime were to occur at your home, video recordings are great tools for the courtroom.

6. Video monitoring in Davenport allows you to check in on your family and pets while you’re away.

Even though you might consider video surveillance to be a safety tactic, it can also be used to keep an eye on your family, kids and pets when you’re away from home.

7. Video surveillance systems can contact the authorities for you.

One aspect of your security plan is how you will alert the authorities to a possible theft or crime. Your security company can communicate with the authorities, ensuring that no matter what happens inside your home, police are immediately notified.

8. Video monitoring in Davenport can oversee low-traffic areas in your home.

In your home there are undoubtedly spaces like your garage, backyard or other areas that are not well-lit or traveled. Installing a video camera to monitor these areas will allow you to have more eyes on your property than humanly possible.

9. You can use video surveillance in lieu of other monitoring systems.

Special circumstances in life may call for other monitoring systems in your home such as baby monitors that display a video feed from a crib to a handheld device. Instead of adding another costly system, video surveillance can be a low-cost way to keep tabs on your baby, pets, seniors or anything else you’d like to monitor.

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