We live in a world where it pays to be prepared for any eventuality that we might think of. We also live in a world where it’s not considered appropriate to walk around with a ten-inch knife on your hip. This is where the functionality of a tactical knife meets the practicality of a folder in tactical folding knives.

No matter whether it’s a fixed or folding knife, there are a few features it should have to ensure it meets the rigorous standards required of a tactical knife.

What is a Tactical Knife?

Too many products are called tactical because they have a certain look, or they’ve been done in black, or olive green. In reality, a tactical knife is one that is designed for both combat and hard duty usage in the field.

It should have good wear resistance, have an edge that lasts more than five minutes, and be resistant to rust and corrosion. For folding knives, high-quality stainless steel is best.


The tip should come to a sharp point and have a degree of strength. There’s a chance you’ll be using it as a crowbar, or to puncture heavy materials, so you need a knife that won’t shatter at sharp impacts.

Tanto and spear points are two of the most popular for tactical knives as they have good, strong tips that are also sharp. Plus, both have been proven in combat situations.

Blade Edge

The blade should be either smooth or semi-serrated. While serrated edges can cut through tough materials like rope faster, they’re also more limited in their use, and harder to sharpen.

A properly sharpened smooth edge can also tackle the rope, and it’s good for a number of other uses as well. A semi-serrated can offer the best of both worlds, but you cutting edge will be reduced.


The handle should be durable and textured to improve slip resistance. Synthetic materials are best as they are less likely to deteriorate, and much easier to keep clean. If you use your knife for food prep, this is the difference between continuing as normal, and food poisoning.

See if you can find a handle that protects the locks and opening mechanisms. Grit can get into them too easily, and in the field, it may not be possible to clean it properly.


There are a few extras available, and while they may not be essential in combat, they can save a life. Some knives will have seatbelt cutters or glass breakers, and if you’ve ever been trapped in a car after a car accident, you’ll understand their value.

In the end, if you go to buy tactical folding knives online, you’ll have a chance to check out the wide variety of knives available. Just make sure it’s a reputable knife maker.