If you suffer from extremely heavy periods, you’re definitely not alone! In fact, one in five women suffers considerably with extremely heavy periods to the extent that it interferes with their quality of life. Today we’re discussing endometrial ablation in Arizona – a 3-minute answer to your suffering.

Some women manage their condition with double or triple protection (two pads and a tampon) while others lack the confidence to leave their own home. Work can be affected and family relations may be strained. A small proportion of women develop such a low red blood cell count that they become tired and anemic, requiring regular iron supplements and sometimes even blood transfusions.

Are Heavy Periods Ruining Your Life?

Until recently, hysterectomy was the only solution to menstrual issues. This often required large cuts in the stomach with the associated risks of surgery, as well as a prolonged recovery with a prominent impact on work, driving and general mobility.

Though it is true that technology and technique have improved so that this procedure can be offered through keyhole surgery or via a vaginal route, it is still major surgery with real potential risks. There may also be long-term trouble with the bladder, bowel or sexual function.

Endometrial Ablation in Arizona

Modern technology, in addition to offering minimally-invasive hysterectomy, has come up with the real alternative of endometrial ablation. This is a procedure in which the lining of the womb, which usually sheds every month causing a period, is literally cooked via heat treatment.

This requires no cuts on the body and can take anywhere between 90 seconds and eight minutes, with an average of three minutes. Following the procedure, the patient may experience some cramps and will have some bleeding for a few days before reducing to a discharge lasting 4 to 6 weeks.

Prior to endometrial ablation in Arizona, a procedure called a hysteroscopy is performed to ensure you are a suitable candidate. It is important to remember that this procedure is not suitable for those who plan for more children, as pregnancy is not recommended and may be impossible following it.

Results have been extraordinary, with 30-40% of women having no more heavy periods and around 90% being completely satisfied, requiring no additional surgery. An endometrial ablation in Arizona can be performed in one day with patients arriving in the morning and returning home in the afternoon. In some situations, it may even be performed with local anesthetic in a doctor’s office or treatment room.

Serious risks are minimal and recovery is very quick, with many women returning to normal activities after only a few days.

to normal activities after only a few days.

All women should consider endometrial ablation in Arizona as a true low-risk alternative to hysterectomy when heavy periods are spoiling their quality of life.

Want to know if you are a candidate for this procedure? Don’t just put up with the discomfort – call our office today to schedule a consultation.