For those who are yet unfamiliar, disposable cleanroom suits are disposable garments that are worn in environments that involve a controlled level of contamination. These suits help to protect these environments from skin and hair shedding and serve as a method of keeping these areas clean in general. That said, the following is a list of tips for shopping for cleanroom suits of all kinds.

Fabric Choices

Proper Cleanroom Gowning Techniques When Entering

One of the top things to beware of is the type of fabric your cleanroom suits are made of. Some of the best choices in terms of fabric for cleanroom suits are as follows:

  • SMS: This type of material consists of three layers that are built to protect against an array of particles (such as fungus or mold), as well as low levels of liquid sprays and splashes. These garments are typically used in environments that require a higher level of protection than what can be provided by polypropylene garments.
  • Polypropylene: This is a lightweight type of material that is great for general cleanups. This material can protect against things such as dirt, dust, grime, and other common environmental toxins.
  • Microporous: This fabric is both affordable and disposable, and yet can protect people against lightweight liquids, including blood.


Given that these garments are disposable, you must find the best way to purchase them at a reasonable price. No matter what your budget may be, be sure that you are purchasing garments that are within your price range, as you will regularly have to purchase them in order to remain in operation.

Comfort Level


disposable cleanroom suits

One major thing to beware of when you are shopping for disposable cleanroom suits is the level of comfort they provide. Although they are disposable, this does not mean that they must be uncomfortable. By shopping around and comparing products and fabrics, you will be able to choose the best garments that work for your company and the activities you must complete on a daily basis.

Quality Durability

Another thing to beware of is the level of durability of the suits. Although they are disposable, these suits must be able to be worn for hours upon hours on end and must be able to support and withstand various activities throughout the day. Once a suit has been torn or punctured, it is considered compromised. Therefore, you should be sure to purchase cleanroom suits that are able to be worn all day without being destroyed.

Fluid Resistance

Another very important thing to beware of is the level of fluid resistance the garments offer. Given that those who wear these garments are typically trying to protect certain areas as well as to protect people from various liquids and fluids that can be toxic. Either way, it is very important that these garments offer a superior level of fluid resistance.


Additionally, given that these garments must be worn for hours upon hours on end, you must be certain that you are purchasing garments that have a high level of breathability. Without great breathability, it will be very difficult for those who wear these garments to be comfortable. Especially if they are working in areas that are high temperatures, you will want to be certain that these garments are highly breathable and able to allow those who wear them to stay comfortable all day.

Flame Resistance

Additionally, depending on the environment one works in, you may also want to shop for cleanroom garments that are flame resistant. Although this is not the case for everyone, some people are working with things that are flammable. Therefore, for those working in those environments, it is important to ensure that the fabric is flame resistant.


Additionally, sizes run differently depending on where you purchase your cleanroom suits. You should make sure that you are purchasing suits that can fit every person on your staff. You do not want to purchase cleanroom suits that are too big or too small, as this will cause those who wear them to become compromised.

Cut Resistance

If these are being purchased for people who are working with sharp objects, you must make sure they are cut resistant. If your garments are easy to puncture, you will be wasting way more money on these suits, as opposed to if you purchase cleanroom suits that offer cut resistance.

Microbial Penetration

Lastly, when shopping for cleanroom suits, you should be sure that it offers microbial protection. If those who are operating within a cleanroom, there will always be the potential for microbial contamination. Therefore, you should be sure to purchase garments that offer this level of protection.

Overall, no matter what these suits are being used for, be sure that you are purchasing ones that offer the level of protection that is needed. In order to make sure they are optimally effective, take the time to shop around for cleanroom suits that suit your unique needs and circumstances.