Choosing the right knife for protection can be difficult sometimes. We may be tempted to buy large, fixed-blade knives, but it is important to choose suitable protection that is legal in your state.  Everyday carry folding knives could be the right choice for you.

These knives usually meet state regulatory requirements concerning blade length and are usually not considered a concealed weapon. This makes everyday carry folders a great choice for legal protection.

ZT folding knives

ZT or zero tolerance folding knives are considered the number one tactical knife on the market. These knives were first designed and made in the United States and are amongst the best everyday carry knives in the world.

ZT knives are designed to military grade using the strongest, sharpest steel available. You get cryogenically treated steel, a G10 tactical grip, and one-handed assisted flipping for quick arming. The knife folds up safely and can be stored deep in your pocket, or on your belt.

Due to its rapid-fire flipping, this knife is one of the quickest deploying knives available, which will give you a great tactical advantage at a time of need.

Damascus Folders

For something a little more unique and collectible choose the Damascus folding knife. Each knife made with Damascus steel will have a beautifully unique ripple pattern and shine, which means no two knives are ever the same. This attention to design does not take away from the fact that Damascus folders are still razor sharp and easy to handle.

This knife is very easy to sharpen and maintain and will give you the same level of protection as any other everyday carry folding knife on the market.

Credit Card knives

If you prefer something a little more discreet then consider a credit card knife. These everyday carry folding knives can be safely stashed in your wallet and are no bigger than a credit card.

For some people, the stigma of carrying knife could be enough to put them off carrying all together, so credit card knives are a perfect alternative that will still give you adequate protection in a time of need.

In addition to the added protection you’ll get, you can use your new knife to open boxes, cut fruit, or string giving you a handy multi-use tool that fits in your wallet.

Tanto Flippers

These knives are based on the ancient Japanese tanto dagger. The original dagger was a sidearm used by Japanese Samurai, which was made extra sharp for piercing through armor and inflicting maximum damage on an opponent.

The modern tanto-folding knife still features a razor sharp tip, which is designed to pierce materials in a survival situation, but this feature also makes an excellent self-defense tool. This knife is an excellent choice for protection, as even a minor blow would inflict maximum damage on an opponent.