What is an Assisted Opening Folding Knife?

This special type of folding knife uses an internal mechanism to finish opening the blade once the holder has partially opened it. There is usually a flipper or thumb stud attached to the blade. In some respects, these knives can be compared to switchblade knives. In fact, the two are often confused.

Switchblade knives are automatic. You press a button and the knife springs open. However, while assisted opening knives look the same, they must be assisted to begin opening and then with the press of a button or stud they open fully.

There are many advantages to owning a spring assisted flipper knife.


First, switchblade knives are illegal in the USA and many other countries. While they are quick to open there is also no safety mechanism. If you hit that button by mistake, a switchblade will spring open.

If you are stopped with one on you, you could face weapons charges

Spring assist knives will not spring open unless you start the process manually. They are fast but safer to open. They won’t open as they are coming out of your pocket or worse yet, while they are still in your pocket or backpack. That button which demands an assist may save your life.

Once a switchblade breaks down, it is literally useless. Without the mechanism, it won’t open. You have to repair or replace. On the other hand, an assisted flipper knifed will still open even if the mechanism no longer works. It just won’t open quickly, and it will have to be opened manually.

Lots of spring assisted knives open very fast. In fact, with practice, their speed may be comparable to a switchblade.

Moreover, spring-assisted knives are more reliable than switchblades. They are less likely to have parts break.

While more expensive than manual knives spring-assisted knives are significantly less costly than switchblades both to buy and to maintain.


While spring-assisted flipper knives may be relatively fast, they still require that extra step of starting them to open before pushing the thumb stud. This could be timed you cannot afford.

The other problem is that the spring assist mechanism can wear out or break. Costly repairs may ensue.

Because of their mechanism spring assist knives are more fun but less reliable than manual knives.


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