We are a very technologically aware and capable bunch who, just like our readers, are always reading and updating ourselves about things happening around us. Having been in the tech industry for the entirety of our lives, over a century if we combine the team’s collective experience. We like to think we have setup the perfect platform to share our passion with a growing community, actively engaging with us on a daily basis.


We are always perfecting our platform with the goal to provide the easiest methods for our followers to access the most honest news about matters that affect their lives. Our aspirations dwarf all our personal needs to do anything other than keeping all our web assets and relationships with readers healthy.

The passion, such as that which drives us, keeps us awake beyond the expected hours to produce unbiased news from as many confirmed sources as we have grown to cultivate around all genres of stories you see on our website. Not only are we driven by the need to be accurate in delivering the news you want, we have developed a knack for being relevant to our readers’ preferences. It is through responsive action to constructive feedback that has seen us grow a percent better every day.

With the love of all things tech at heart, there is barely a break we are not first to hear about, neither is there an interesting investigative piece we have turned down. Because of this, our once small team has seen through it’s paces as we grew in popularity as well as size relative to others offering the same pleasures to potentially the same readers. Most of our readers, however, fall into no simple category as their complexity in the need to stay up to date with the world around them keeps challenging us. A task for which we find ourselves fit to tackle, regardless of the issues tackling our industry.

None of the articles found on our site are copied from other sources, we pride ourselves in being the ones fro where others plagiarize content from. This is the same leadership in knowledge that we keep inducing in our readers. One that cannot be taught, only copied but still remarkably unique to even the simplest of observers. This will be our tradition, one we hope to live even to the youngest of our readers through daily efforts.