No matter what type of contact lenses you are wearing, you need to replace them according to your eye doctor’s recommendation and the manufacturer’s instructions. However, sometimes there are times when you need to replace your contact lenses before the specified time frame. In order to keep your eyes happy and healthy, if you experience any of the following, you should replace your colored contact lenses:

1) Discomfort or Feeling of Irritation

If you feel any discomfort or irritation while wearing colored contact lenses, it’s time to replace them right away. That can mean something is wrong and the last thing you want is to continue wearing contact lenses when they have a scratch or debris clinging to them. If there is any damage to your colored contact lenses it is important to replace them right away.

2) Cloudy Lenses

Another thing to keep an eye on is whether or not your colored contact lenses are cloudy. If they are not as clear as they were when you first purchased them—aside from the colored iris part of course—then you might need to change them because they are already affected by bacteria.

3) Dents or Bends on the Lens

Your contact lenses get put into your eye and pulled out of it on a daily basis, assuming you do not have daily contact lenses. Sometimes, bends or dents occur. That’s normal, but if your contact does not go back to its normal shape right away, it’s time to change it. A colored contact lens with a dent or bend in it won’t protect your cornea and the other parts of your eye as well.

4) Reaching the Expiration Date

Plain and simple, if your colored contact lenses are past their expiration date, it’s time to replace them. While expiration dates can be found on the box of your colored contact lenses, it’s also important to keep track of it on the calendar. This gives you plenty of time to get to the eye doctor for your new prescription beforehand!

5) No UV Protection

Older contact lenses and certain brands also do not possess any UV protection. This is essential and if you’re sporting an old pair of colored contacts that do not provide UV protection it’s time to get a new pair. Plus, if your contacts are that old, they probably don’t offer the breathability and advanced features that some of the newer options provide.

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