Plantations shutters are a solid and firm covering that consists of horizontal panels or slats equally seated on a frame or louver from top to bottom. It is divided by vertical stiles set across the frame.

Sub-tropical areas, or those neighbouring plantations, often experience extremely hot weather. This allowed them to adapt and use shutters which kept their homes cooler. Hence, the plantation shutters’ primary function is to control the flow of air and the amount of sunlight entering your house. They also provide security, privacy, and protection from possible intrusive damages. Plantation shutters also enhance the aesthetics of your home.

So before ordering your custom plantation shutters, here are 4 decisions you have to make:

1) Decide on the frame and dividers.

One thing you should consider before ordering shutters is the general frame of your custom plantation shutters. This will help you decide which style of panels you would like to have installed. You may customise the whole frame of your industrial shutters.

There are different options you can choose from when deciding which frame with dividers best suits you. Here are the most common options:

a) Full shutters – fully covers the frame with slats, all the way from top to bottom. It also opens fully to allow maximum light and air to enter your home.

b) Café shutters – allows you to have shutters at the bottom but not at the top part. These are commonly seen in bathrooms. This style offers constant privacy to your home while enhancing the aesthetics.

c) Double-hung shutters – allows you to have doors at the top and at the bottom, both divided. It opens the shutters entirely which is then divided into two sets of café shutters on top of the other.

If you plan on having your shutters stationary, you may want to add divider rails so that you can control privacy from the top and at the bottom. It also looks good aesthetically.

2) Decide on the type of mounting.

Mounts are added to beautify your custom plantation shutters further. They give a unique style to your window and shutters. Mounting options are done to compliment the window.

There are two common options for the mounting type depending on the location of the window opening.

a) Inside mount – the shutters will be inside the window frame. It could be the best option for you if you have decorative borders or trims around your window. This is to emphasise those trims.

b) Outside mount – the shutters will be outside the window frame. Outside mounting gives you more freedom in designing your window and which type of frame you would like to add.

If you do not have decorative trims around your window, it is recommended that you choose an outside mount. This is because this style already has a built-in moulding that gives your window a finished look. The “Z” frame overlaps the corners of the window frame while the “L” frame extends outside the window frame. Both enclose the shutters in the framing all in one.

3) Decide on the louver size.

The louvre size will depend on the amount of sunlight and airflow you would want to let in your home. The louver sizes available are 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” louver options. Traditional rooms with normal ceilings, such as a bathroom or a bedroom, often use a 2 ½” louver size. 3 ½” and 4 ½” are often used in rooms with higher ceilings. They are divided into two major types:

a) Large slats – more commonly used in homes which prefer a more rustic feel. The larger the slat, the more and airflow and light you let in.

b) Small slats – if you want a more private home, this may be the option for you. Small slats on big window frames may also improve aesthetics.

4) Decide on the tilting of slats.

There are reasons why you should ponder on the tilting of the slats before you order your custom plantation shutters. This controls the overall look of the room.

a) Classic front tilt – you have a bar which you can use to tilt the louver as a unit. The tilt bar gives you the option to quickly open and close the shutters. It also adds texture to your shutters.

b) Hidden tilt – the absence of the bar gives this option a clean look. You must touch the slat to tilt it. This option provides a fresher and smoother finish to your home.

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