When most people think of pocket knives, they think of a weapon for self-defense. While this is an important function of a pocket knife, a has so many more uses than just self-defense.

Knives were made to cut. Folding knives fit easily in your pocket and can be useful in everyday life. For instance, opening packaging can be extremely frustrating and a chore which can be made a whole lot easier with a handy folding knife.

Obviously, a folding knife can be used in an emergency as a survival tool to cut someone free from entrapment in a vehicle, starting a fire, and a variety of other survival essentials. Let’s take a look at the three best folding knives perfect for everyday carry.

Kershaw Brawler

The Kershaw Brawler is as tough as its name sounds. It features a three-inch smooth modified tanto blade. This type of blade is perfect for tactical and rescue operations. The tip of the blade is perfect for penetrating tough surfaces.

Sharpening the blade of this knife is simple. The handle is designed to perfectly fit into the user’s hand and even features a finger guard when the knife’s blade is exposed. SpeedSafe allows the user to easily and safely open the knife with one hand. An attached pocket clip allows the user to either attach the knife to their pocket or conceal it inside their pocket.

Gerber Ripstop I

For those who are looking for a smaller knife, the Gerber Ripstop I is perfect. This tiny but mighty knife weighs just two ounces. Consumers can choose from either a 2.3-inch smooth blade or a serrated edge.

Users will enjoy that this knife is easily concealed in their pocket and easily opened with one hand. This everyday knife is perfect for consumers looking for a discreet, sturdy folding knife.

Buck Knives Solo Folding Pocket Knife

This knife combines function with style. The almost three-inch blade is a perfect fit for small pockets. Do not let its slim style fool you. This is a rugged knife, tough enough to handle any outdoor job.

The wood grain adds a touch of class, making it perfect at formal functions and dinner parties. This truly versatile pocket knife is perfect for the user who wears many hats and needs a knife which can adapt to any situation.

A Pocket Knife for Everyone

Everyone can benefit from a pocket knife. There are as many different kinds of pocket knives as there are lifestyles. Pocket knives make every day life much more convenient. It’s easy to research different styles, finding the perfect one to fit your needs and buy a folding knife online.