Storm sewers are drainage systems that are built to prevent floods. If you have a business with flooding in the area, you may need to hire a contractor for storm sewer reconstruction. Flooding could be a sign that the storm sewers are backed up, there are not enough close by, or they are not properly constructed.

Storm sewers work by diverting the water into waterways that are close by when it rains. Rainwater runs off of buildings, cars, roads, and other hard surfaces, collecting pollutants and trash as it flows down the drain and away. All of this rainwater flows first into storm sewers and runs through an underground pipe system, before gushing out into the closest stream, lake, or another waterway.

Drains Inside of Buildings

The drains inside of your home or business are par. The water that goes down these indoor drains ends up in a wastewater treatment plant, where the water is treated. Once it is clean, the water goes back into the creeks, rivers, lakes, and other natural waterways.

Stormwater is Not Treated

Rainwater runs straight back into the closest waterway and does not get treated at all. It is very important to keep trash contained, along with pesticides, motor oil, and other harmful chemicals and materials that can be harmful to the health of fish, wildlife, and even humans.

Drinking Water Comes from Stormwater

Since stormwater goes back out into the waterways, it provides us with drinking water. Therefore, it is essential to follow specific guidelines to keep our water supply fresh, clean and healthy.

These guidelines include keeping the streets as clean as you can and don’t throw trash outside except for in designated areas. Don’t pour anything besides water down a drain. Keep any leaves and trash away from the storm drains. Don’t overuse chemical spray on landscaping.

Storm Sewers Work

Recycled Water

All water is recycled water that has always been on the planet. Water changes form and moves around constantly, from vapor to water to ice.

With population rising, demand is also rising, resulting in a more limited water supply. Harsh chemicals contaminate the water, spreading into the larger water supply that is available to everyone. Once chemicals are in the water, it is very hard and expensive to remove, making it critical to avoid letting chemicals run into the water supply in the first place.

This is why it is crucial to have working storm sewers close to your business and in the proper places. Without proper placement of storm sewers, the likelihood of chemicals and other contaminants getting into the water supply increases. If you are experiencing any flooding, you should look into hiring an experienced contractor for storm sewer reconstruction services.