Unlike other cremation equipment, the maximizer is not for sale but given away free. It is manufactured exclusively by Implant Recycling – a recycling company primarily serving the cremation industry in the recovery of metals.

The maximizer program was developed to enable crematories to retrieve metals, and metal alloys, from prosthetics orthopedic and dental implants within the bounds of industry regulation with reverence to the surviving families.

Solving the Ethical Dilemma

Before the establishment of the maximizer program, either recovered metals were disposed in a landfill, or the crematory operators would take the metals to recycle shops. As a result, ethical questions surfaced of the crematory operators profiting from these recovered metals without the permission of the surviving family members.

The maximizer program empowers the crematory owners and operators to recover the highest amount of metal ethically, and metal alloys, in a manner respectful to the family. Moreover, this process follows the regulations of the cremation industry and the laws relating to the reuse of metals recovered from prosthetic limbs.

The Maximizer Program

While you can buy cremation equipment online, the ultra-efficient, modernized equipment is only available from a supplier or directly from the manufacturer. In exchange for all recovered metals to be stored and retrieved exclusively by the manufacturer, this equipment comes at no cost with supporting maintenance and training. After retrieval, the equipment is tested and proven to enhance the cremation process, and the overall operations of the business.

The elimination of the capital outlay in either the purchase or upgrade of new cremation equipment, along with the expense of maintenance and training, results in higher profits on the business side of cremation. The savings from the eliminated capital outlay for the equipment, and the value of the operator’s time, far exceed the funds gained for the recovered metals at a recycling shop.

For protection, the crematory and the funeral home will receive a Certificate of Destruction certifying that all metals were re-melted before any resale and reuse.

The Families

Under the maximizer program, all profits from the recovered metals are donated to the family’s charity of choice, or the families may opt for a direct payment. The families receive full disclosure of the type, weight, and the total funds generated from the recycled metals. The families will also receive a donation receipt, in memory of their loved one, for tax purposes.

The participation in the maximizer program and the utilization of the modernized cremation equipment proves a good investment by crematories on the business side and extends to comfort the surviving family members in knowing that the last act on behalf of their loved one supports the environment and a societal issue through the charitable donation.