A Stag Party to Remember

Stag Party

Throwing a stag party which people remember for times to come is high on the priority list of many socialites. But, it takes time and effort to do so. It also calls for an able mind which can do the planning for it unless this part is leased out to some event organiser.For stag parties, nowadays the hotshot destination is Phuket. To have a memorable bash, one needs to keep a lot of things at the back of one’s mind. First and foremost, the choice of venue in Phuket. This Thai city is dotted with a large number of pubs, clubs and bars and one can take one’s pick out of them for this purpose.

The next item on the agenda is deciding the menu for the evening. This is one aspect which one should certainly pay a lot of attention to. Phuket’s restaurants and eateries offer a wide choice in the number of dishes offered on the platter. Food fare from different countries and their own select items are up for takes here. What is best about the multifaros cuisine is the wide array of sea food availability.

In the stag event, one can cordon off a quiet corner in the venue for a massage table. Here, a hired masseur or two can give short sessions of therapies to the party guests. Naturally, it would be difficult to go in for full duration of massages since a number of invitees will line up for this.

Also, the hosts can think up a number of games to be played during the course of the party. At the soiree, you can have a lot of prizes and gifts galore. This will sprinkle in a dose of more fun and laughter in the whole event.

Drinks, soft and hard, add in their bit of charm to any party. It is advisable to have a wide selection so that the guest can have their pick and decide upon what they like best. Since the liquor flows freely all evening in most jaunts, one should keep enough stock of it so that the fluids do not run out. Cocktails and mocktails should be aplenty to quench the thirst of those burning the dance floor. Otherwise, it can become quite embarrassing for the host.

For any party to be really interesting, one can have a theme too. It could be the choice of clothes which the guests are asked to wear, or the decor and the food in the party follows certain lines. The latest theme gigs these days could be hollywood glamour, or the jungle zone wherein which the guests dress up as inhabitants of the forests or even a specific color code is given which one has to use as the predominant shade in the attire.

One can have some return gifts too, to zest in some more `wow’ factor to the event. This can be quaint memorabilia picked up from the city itself, as a keepsake of the time spent here.

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