First things first. Here are the following facts about botox cosmetic treatment which one should necessarily know before going in for it:

1. Botox happens to be a neurotoxin which is made to enter the human body via a needle. It is a cosmetically injectible chemical and it is a very diluted version of botulinum toxin, something which is present in the bacteria named clostridium botulinum. It is utilized very specifically to relax a human’s muscles. The whole idea revolves around the premise that if we stop certain muscles from moving, it will not lead to wrinkling of the skin in that area.

2. Botox is not an unsafe element, if the procedure is followed correctly. Naturally enough, when we are working on the face, one is scared of something or the other going amiss. And this may lead to the face getting structured in a wrong manner. This is a very scary and daunting thought, indeed. However, the botox procedure is FDA approved and nowadays has become extremely common as well.

3. There is no definite age in which one can or should get botox treatment done. At times, people wish to go in for this line of treatment even before they get wrinkles, just to prevent them from coming in. Cosmetologists are known to not promulgate the treatment as per the age of the patient. When to go in for it is a factor of what your aim for getting a botox cosmetic treatment done is; your facial expressions; and when a patient wants to get it done. Botox prevents wrinkling if done at an early enough age; and it also can make wrinkles less deep if they are too prominent to totally be done away with.

4. There are those who look very disdainfully at botox cosmetic treatment. Their line of view is that botox makes your persona entirely different from what it earlier was. Also, that it leaves you with less of mobility and flexibility when you laugh, smile or even frown. It is important to realize that botox does not do away with wrinkles, per se. However, it does do away with those wrinkles which form with certain facial expressions. It does this by relaxing the muscular movements. It will not do anything about static wrinkles – i.e. those which one can see when we see ourselves in the mirror without making any expressions.

5. It may or may not be known but botox is just a brand name. There are other neurotoxins too, such as Dysport and Xeomin as well.

6. To actually get the look and character of having a botox cosmetic treatment will take about three to five days for starters. The entire effect of this treatment may even take up to two weeks to fully be visualized.

7. What is essential to know about botox cosmetic treatment is that it is not just for women folk. There are those who even refer to this as Bro-Tox treatment!