Even if you haven’t experimented with digital marketing, you must have heard of Adwords, PPC, CPC, and bids. If your website does not attract a lot of organic traffic, you would want to try your luck at online advertising. Currently, Google Adwords is the most popular and the most effective online advertising method. The best thing about Adwords is that you only pay when somebody clicks on your ad and lands on your website. This makes Adwords more effective than other online advertising models. Want to launch an Adwords campaign? Seek the help of hundreds of Google Adwords agencies that have expertise honed over the years.

Adwords is owned by Google. When you launch an Adwords campaign, your ads will appear at the top of Google organic search result pages, on their products like YouTube and Gmail, and on the tens of thousands of websites participating in the Adwords advertising program as publishers (Publishers that display Adwords ads on their websites are called Adsense publishers).


An advertiser can choose a CPC or a CPM campaign. If you launch a CPC (Cost per click) campaign, you will pay when someone clicks on your ad. A CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) campaign requires you to pay every time someone sees your ad. Actually, you will pay a fixed amount for every 1000 impressions. CPC campaigns are the most popular Adwords products. Each campaign is a big auction. Advertisers bid for the available ad slots. Sounds complicated? A lot of advertisers find it difficult to understand how Adwords works. Don’t worry, a good agency can help you and make things simpler. You can discover great agencies, be it in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles or other cities in the country – they can help launch your campaign in a jiffy.


  1. Google Adwords is a highly advanced advertising model that allows you to target customers who fit your buyer profile perfectly. Want to sell something to people of a certain income group who are also currently at the airport waiting to board a flight? Well, using the advanced geotargeting features of Adwords, you can do this, and more.
  2. Dynamic remarketing or retargeting is another option that allows you to follow potential customers with the exact same products that they searched for but didn’t buy.
  3. Gmail ads allow you to show ads that match the content of emails while people are logged into Gmail.
  4. A lot of marketing strategies that we couldn’t even imagine ten years ago are now possible with Adwords.
  5. Google is planning to launch several new features such as cross-device attribution and demographic targeting. They will make Adwords campaigns even more exciting. Google has also acquired many companies offering specific technologies for advertisers. Many of these acquisitions have gone on to become an integral part of UK hotel digital marketing plans of advertisers.


Adwords advertisers can now get forecasts that show how their existing keywords will perform in the future. Take a look at this feature in the Keyword Planner if you haven’t already checked it out.

Call extensions have been a part of Adwords ads for a while. For the last few months or so, Google has also been testing a new feature called click-to-text. The message option will appeal to customers who don’t like to make or receive a phone call. When a potential customer clicks the message extension of the ad, the SMS app on their phone will launch automatically.

The affiliate location extension in Adwords is a feature currently available in the U.S. This feature allows manufacturers to send customers to third party stores that sell their products. This extension is beneficial to businesses that sell their products through retail chains.


AdWords is scalable, flexible, and measurable
Online marketing has several benefits over traditional marketing. The most important is that it is highly measurable. SEO campaigns also help drive traffic to your website, but is a long road to tread. In addition, measuring the success of an SEO campaign is not easy. This is where Adwords scores over SEO. It delivers measurable results instantly. The PPC metrics that come standard with Adwords will help you find out what is working and what is not.

AdWords is very flexible too. You can customize the options to ensure that the campaign suits your requirements.
Keyword match type option, for example, will ensure that your ad will display only when someone types in the exact keyword. If you choose this option and your keyword is New York Attorneys, your ad will display only when someone searches for ‘New York Attorneys’ and not when people searches Attorneys or New York.

Ad extensions

Ad extensions allow you to display a lot of information such as contact details, product images, and links to your website. With Adwords, you can:

  • Target your audience precisely
  • If you are only interested in targeting people belonging to a certain location, speaking a certain language, or during certain hours of the day, you can customize the options accordingly.
  • When you use Adwords, your ads will be displayed on countless non-search sites like YouTube, Gmail, and other partner sites.
  • Establish brand awareness by taking advantage of the display network.

Can Control Your Advertising Costs

Adwords allows you to set a daily budget for your campaign. This is the maximum amount you will spend in a day. This way you can ensure that you are not going over the budget. And if the campaign delivers satisfactory results, you can always increase this limit. This scalability makes Adwords a perfect option for those who would like to test the waters.

More Engaging

Adwords is the primary source of income for Google. Because of this reason, they are constantly working to improve it. In-video ads and product listing ads were such experiments at improving Adwords and they proved to be highly successful.

Faster Than SEO

The biggest drawback of SEO is that it takes months to produce results. This isn’t the case with Adwords. As soon as your campaign goes live, you will start getting visitors. This will not only bring in some money right away; it can also be used to test the relevance of your keywords. Using this data and keywords, you can launch an effective SEO campaign sometime later.
SEO is effective and it should be a part of your online marketing strategies. However, in the short term, Adwords produces much better results.


Agencies offering Google AdWords has been one of the top 10 searches on Credibase last quarter. It clearly indicates there’s continued demand for Google AdWords service, and companies are continuing to seek that. You can benefit too, by taking their help.