Re-doing up the kitchen and the bathroom are enjoyable exercises. If and when one finds the time for these, do indulge in them. It will give you and your home something new and something exciting to come back to. Here are some ideas for remodeling bathroom in Chicago:1). For a minor remodeling job, one can get the walls of this space repainted up. Nowadays, there is a very large variety of hues and backgrounds which one can get. Try the mountain landscape or the jungle theme. It will make the whole bathroom gear up to another level altogether.
2). Quartzite countertops can be installed in the bathroom. These are very hip and happening and add not just a different character to your washroom but also enhances its longevity. Even neatness of these, once maintained, will uplift the clean look visibly.
3). A walk-in shower is a great idea one can use in the bathroom. Cordoned off in one corner, this can easily be turned into a very private nook within the bathroom where one can not just cleanse oneself but also have some real quality ‘me’ time.
4). A freestanding tub in the bathroom can be a high quality addition to your existing hardware. This will not be a very expensive proposition and can be had without undertaking any serious remodeling work. However, do be careful not to overcrowd the space too much just for the sake of having a ‘wow’ factor here.
5). The shower in the bathroom can be updated to incorporate an anti-scalding feature in it. Also, an override button to change temperature settings can be installed to simplify your shower routine.

For the kitchen, one can do the following:

1). Turn yours into a kitchen with an island in the center. This can be used as a dining table even for eat-in breakfasts, lunches and dinners. A very handy tool, this can help your kitchen become your fave spot in the whole house.
2). The island you make in the center of your kitchen can even be used as cooking top. In place of doing your stuff at one end of the room, try to use this space for all cookery purposes. The sides can be used as storage and washing spaces.
3). One can turn the kitchen into an open one. It can extend right into your living space or even the drawing room area. This concept is very trendy since it adds a very different look and feel to the whole place.
4). In one corner, get a very spacious kitchen pantry installed. This can have wine racks, tray dividers and even wrap around corner shelves. Though it occupies a decent amount of space, try to set aside the required room for it since all your stuff can be stored up in this one big unit.
5). Granite countertops were always in. If you do not have these, opt for them. Once clean, they give a really mesemerising and very neat look to the whole place. Also, they do not get chipped or broken easily and are long lasting.